Therapy Makes Sense

Americans have serious improvements to make when it comes to our mental healthcare system. The complex barriers to do so typically who specializes from advocating for real change, but it doesn’t have to be that way. June Gruber and Darby Saxbe at Slate emphasized as much while highlighting five key areas to fixing the broken […]

Proton Beam Therapy: The UK’s New Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the world’s most destructive and damaging illnesses, affecting millions of people per year in every corner of the globe. Caused by the mutation and uncontrollable growth of cells, cancer can vary in both severity and location based on lifestyle choices and situation, with Cancer Research UK finding that 38% of cancer […]

What to Expect in Therapy

So, you’ve made the decision to speak to a therapist, but you have no idea what to expect. Here are a few things you can look forward to in a therapy session, even if it’s your first time. Be prepared If this is your first session, the therapist will likely want to get some background […]

How Does A Dual Diagnosis Affect A Person’s Recovery?

In certain cases, a patient who is recovering from drug addiction may also be diagnosed with a mental illness. When this occurs, a mental health treatment plan must be integrated with the substance abuse treatment plan so that both conditions are equally addressed.