Data Expert Rohit Gupta Talks Storage Strategy and Tech Trends

It’s a Jungle Out There In the early days of the internet, raw data was essentially seen as service byproduct of the service. Browsing habits and bits of user data passed by largely unnoticed. Even sites and companies that diligently collected and organized user data didn’t really know what it could be used for. Fast-forward […]

5 Ways Technology Is Used to Stop Counterfeiting

Counterfeit goods are a major concern for businesses in many sectors, notably digital re-sellers and luxury brands. It has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing as imitators learn better and better ways to simulate the appearance of the actual brand.

11 Ways Technology Has Transformed the Investing World

Technology has reshaped our world and transformed virtually every industry – including investing. Today’s investors have access to an endless amount of information and trading tools that help them make smart investments.

3 Growing Trends in Asset Management

Asset management technology is used to monitor operational processes and communicate, in real-time, with both humans and other devices. The valuable data that is amassed through this process provides the detailed analytics that underpins decision making and helps companies drive future development.

Healthcare, Technology and the Relationship Between the Two

It seems like just a few years ago technology was just being introduced into the healthcare field by means of better imaging equipment and better record keeping. However, technology in the healthcare field has grown so much, that it is now changing the way you get your care from your doctor.

5 Cyber Security Trends to Watch for in 2017

When it comes to cyber security, you should always look toward the future. Even if you feel good about your current security strategy, you never know what the following year will bring.