Should You Use Brand Influencers To Market Your Products?

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If there is a great time to start a fashion line, it’s today. Consider the shift in consumer needs, the power of social media platforms, and the way people obsess over these self-made celebrities. It’s incredible how powerful some of these individuals are. You can find a teenager with 20 million adoring fans who will […]

Alisha Taneja- a highly successful social media content creator

Social media has taken the world of digital marketing by storm, and social media influencers are largely responsible for this. Gone are the days when endorsements were the domain of celebrities alone. These up and coming social media influencers have humble beginnings, but make their mark with original and relatable content catapulting them to internet […]

What is the key to audience engagement on social media?

People spend a significant amount of time on social media every day. And if you’re not capturing their attention that means that they’re engaging with your competition’s brand instead of yours. Today’s digital marketers know that social media is an excellent and necessary way to connect, communicate and engage with an audience. When you engage […]

7 Ideas for Instant Audience Communication

Social media posts scheduled far in advance are dying a slow death. Brands could once get away with doing the majority of their social interacting in the form of premeditated posts, with only comments and responses happening in real time. Modern tech innovations and shifting consumer expectations are forcing a shift toward more immediate updates. […]

10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Marketers

Social media offers extraordinary opportunities to entrepreneurs in the digital age. Whether you operate a small Etsy store or are trying to launch the next big thing, social media can help you spread the word about your product and convert online interest into real-life customers. However, according to social media influencer Jonathan Foley, although it […]

4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social networks are touted as the most profitable and effective marketing platform today. Millions of people check their social media accounts on a regular basis not just to communicate with family and friends but to check the latest news, look up reviews or recommendations, share videos and pictures or for entertainment. It is no wonder […]

Do You Have a Website? Here’s How You Can Drive Traffic Using Social Media.

Social Media of any brand plays a crucial role in driving traffic to any website. Social media apps are installed on every phone, while a site’s address is not in many bookmarks often. Links shared on social media which lead to other websites are the main source of traffic for any website. This is why […]

Live Trivia Games are About to Change How You Use Social Media, Starting with Facebook

Trivia game shows have been around for several decades – they delivered interestingly entertaining content to TV beyond traditional programming. However, the popularity of trivia game shows started to wane over the last decade because fewer people are watching TVs as a generational trend see most millennials, Gen X and Gen Y choosing to spend […]

How to Know It’s Time to Abandon a Social Media Profile

A lot of businesses don’t know when it’s time to continue trying to make social media work for them, or when it’s time to leave a profile behind. There are a lot of platforms, and while Facebook may work great for some businesses, Twitter may prove to be the most beneficial.