5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Apps for Busy Solopreneurs

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) has quickly edged out traditional marketing, thanks to the ever-evolving technology.  Today, the demand for digital marketers far outweighs the supply. Solopreneurs can take advantage of the numerous social media marketing apps currently available to them. Here are 5 must-have social media marketing apps for busy solopreneurs: 1. Revive Old Posts […]

Why Marketing on Social Networks is Important for Your Business?


Social networks are fast becoming one of the most important parts of digital marketing. In fact, they provide incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers around the world. Hence, the importance of marketing is in social networks. And if you’re not using this very profitable method, you’re missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity. […]

3 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Ignore

No matter where your business is in terms of its stage, from seasoned company to brand new startup, you have to find time to devote to social media. It just isn’t possible to ignore social media — it needs to be a major component of your online marketing strategy. From getting more Instagram followers to […]

How to Win an Audience on Instagram?

Instagram is a growing channel and a great opportunity to expand your brand. But, you need to focus your effort on humanizing it instead of making it popular.

Social Media Strategies as an Aid to Content Marketing

Using social media in your content marketing, however, is not as easy as posting links on Twitter or Facebook. There are strategies that you need to follow in order to gain traction for your work. If you use these strategies the right way, your content media marketing efforts will thrive.

Joseph Ayoub: How Brands Can Build a Cult Following on Social Media

While large audiences are more accessible than ever on social media, it’s hard to stick out from the crowd as a new brand. To learn more about how to grow your brand through digital marketing, I spoke to Joseph Ayoub, the founder and CEO of the digital marketing firm Creaze. Here are Ayoub’s tips for how brands can build a cult following on social media.