3 Ways to Make a Small Business Seem More Professional

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When running a small business, it can sometimes be hard to make a professional impression on clients and customers, especially if you run the business alone, or from your home. However, there are lots of things you can do as a business owner to help your business to seem more legitimate and professional despite its […]

A Step-by-Step Guide For Small Scale Businesses To Understand Internet Speed

The 21st century is known as the technological era where digitization has changed the way businesses are seen, done and perceived. The wide acceptance of internet came in the late 90s but till then the Internet had started to shift traditional businesses towards the force of digitization. The understanding of the Internet became easier for […]

4 Areas of Your Business You Can Improve with a Small Business Loan

Some days entrepreneurship may seem like you’re rolling dice. You have more questions than answers. For instance, does applying for a small business loan by Camino Financial make sense for the business that you started from the ground up? How do you go about applying for one? What should you consider before committing to a […]

Emerging Small-Business Tech Trends of 2019

The only constant in the digital world is that there’s change—and in 2019, it’s only accelerating. The way people search online and respond to marketing is changing at a rapid pace. But how can small businesses adapt? And what are the emerging trends small businesses need to know if they want to capitalize on them? […]

Planning for Your Small Business’s First Tax Filing

Tax time can be terrifying for new businesses. However, mid-April needn’t fill you with dread. Planning ahead will help you survive your first corporate filing. Know Your Business Type Your business structure impacts how you report to the IRS and the tax you’ll need to pay. You should have defined your business type when you […]

How to Protect Your Small Business When You Get Sued

Well, you hoped that it would never happen, but you already know that it is happening – your small or medium-sized company is being sued. Whether the lawsuit has been filed by an employee, a vendor, client or another company, a lawsuit against your business is likely to cost you money regardless of whether you […]

4 Ways That Small Businesses Can Reduce Their Taxes

Small businesses should be trying to reduce their tax bills. When a small business is first starting, every bit of taxes paid means that the business has less free cash flow to make purchases and pay bills. There are ways, including ways to reduce property taxes, that can help a small business reduce their tax […]