Cisco And The Move To End Homelessness In Silicon Valley

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The US Government has been relatively ineffective at ending some of the largest problems in the United States, and some tech companies are stepping up to fill the gap.  These efforts reflect an interest in improving the world we all live in not just cashing in on the latest tech craze or boom. One of […]

Remembering 3Com: The Dragon Of Silicon Valley

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3Com was the hottest Silicon Valley startup of its time, a Dragon (a term that is rarely used referring to a company that not only makes back what a VC invested in it but so over performs it pays off the entire investment fund more than covering all the losses for the firms that failed). […]

Why Businesses Are Moving to Texas From Silicon Valley

The reputation of Silicon Valley has caused such a glut of businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in that area that costs have skyrocketed, opportunities are hard to come by, and the overall business climate has become almost inhospitable.