Five Tips to Get Your Business off to a Strong Start

In the world of business, a strong start means a lasting presence. Mind your user access, start the cash flow early, save money at every opportunity, measure your success with real data, and consider some outside help.

Bill Green on How to Grow And Scale a Business

Entrepreneurs who successfully launch their own small business often have a blank “what’s next?” moment. So much work has gone into getting to this step. But entrepreneurs need to grow and nurture their businesses too.Bill Green has some useful advice on that very topic.

The Challenges Of Growing A Business

It’s important that you have an understanding of the difficulties and obstacles which will stand between you and your goal to growing your business, so we’re going to be looking at some of them here.

4 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Well

Most businesses assume they know their customers, but if they were honest about it, they’re actually just familiar with the brand image they portray. If you want to serve your clients properly and provide value that’s most meaningful to them, you have to find out who they really are.

Running a Responsible Business

“People barely know I exist, so what else should I be doing?” Plenty, as it turns out. Different states have different business requirements, but you may very well need to do things like obtain a business license for your store, and depending on what you’re selling, you’ll also need to make sure you’re charging the appropriate local and state sales taxes. If you aren’t, then you’re risking the very future of your business. This is no time to be sloppy.