Joseph Pingaro Is Back With Solid Real Estate Advice


Getting into real estate can be tough, but tough isn’t much to Joseph Pingaro. The Boston-based entrepreneur has had a tumultuous career and has faced roadblocks that he’s triumphed over. As someone who’s been involved with the real estate industry for several decades, we sat down with Pingaro to see what we could pick up […]

Joseph Pingaro Speaks to the Basics of Real Estate Rehabilitation

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If you have been considering opportunities in real estate rehabilitation, you may be looking to experts like Joseph Pingaro for help in learning the basics. As you probably already know, investing in a property with the intention of upgrading and improving it, and then selling it for a profit, is an excellent way to learn […]

5 Tips for Crafting a Solid Real Estate Marketing Plan

The real estate market is known for its impressive highs and devastating lows. Right now, we’re seeing the signs of a cooling market. This is not just because builders are adding 3.7% to overall inventory each year. There is simply more competition and people are more likely to choose to rent these days. Millennials change […]

The Power of Blockchain for Real Estate from SWINCA

Real estate has been and still is one of the most promising areas of investment. But it’s been overtaken by monopolies, bureaucracies and expensive intermediaries, as well as limited by country borders, speed and cost of related transactions. Today securing one’s footing even in local real estate market is a convoluted process for any new […]

Virtual Reality: How Tech Is Changing the Way You Buy and Sell a Home

Technology is changing the way we experience life today! The digital world has not just impacted the way we purchase goods online, but also property. Are you moving out sometime soon and looking for a property? And as you search for the same, are you relying only on the brochures you gather from the real […]

The pros and cons of choosing a career in real estate

Imagine working for yourself in a flexible career where you can set your own working hours, learn the ins and outs of your city and earn as much money as you want (we’re talking $150k per year, or more!) Sounds amazing, right? That’s real estate. There are so many reasons real estate is an awesome […]

Bayrock Group Sued by Jody Kriss

Real estate development firm, Bayrock group, was recently sued by former executive Jody Kriss. The company, associated with President Trump, after developing the Trump Soho building, which is in Manhattan, New York, was accused of laundering money, skimming cash, cheating Kriss out of millions, and offensively dodging federal taxes. 

5 Ways Estate Planning Benefits Businesses

When most people think of estate planning, they think of their own personal estate. But proper estate planning for a business will help protect the very thing you’ve worked so hard to build. Without a proper plan in place, your business can go from thriving to bankrupt in the event of your demise.