Qualcomm’s Appeal Odds Just Significantly Improved

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I get to watch a lot of trials and have even participated in a few.  The one constant is that both parties generally go in convinced they will win and one, and sometimes even both, discover they are wrong.  And, far too often, the Judge or Jury makes an error, and that tests the appeal […]

How The Qualcomm FTC Trial Could Change The Face Of Smartphone Competition


I am still struggling to understand how Judge Koh, the Judge who ruled against Qualcomm of the FTC action against them concluded Qualcomm was guilty.  To refresh we knew that the information that Apple used to get the FTC fired up was manufactured (they created a very well done false argument), there was never any […]

Why An FTC Commissioner Cried Foul On Qualcomm Decision Favoring FTC

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This week one of the 5 FTC commissioners went public on the Wall Street Journal to talk about the truly weird FTC/Qualcomm ani-trust action.  She didn’t praise the decision, which was virtually entirely to the FTC’s benefit, instead she lambasted it writing that it was an overreach to correct a problem that didn’t exist.   […]