9 Methods of Increasing productivity at Your workplace

Time is a limited resource that needs to be used optimally, especially in the workplace. The best way of increasing your productivity is by working smart, rather than putting in extra hours. Working smart means that you increase your output without having to put additional efforts. It may sound unrealistic, but you can, in fact, […]

5 Things That Helped me Use my Vision Board Better

Each vision board is different because each one of us has a different approach towards ourselves, a different goal. So keep experimenting until you find a perfect way to utilise your vision board and keep updating your definition of perfect.

Ideas for Self-Care

It’s an established fact that self-care is essential for physical and mental health alike. Not only does it make us feel happier, but it translates into more effective work, productivity, and longevity.

7 Web Based Tools To Optimize Productivity

Nowadays, working entails the use of software and web-based platforms to increase productivity. The idea behind this is to automate some tasks, which don’t have to be done by human interventions.