What Is The Impact Of Video Games On Children?

It is undeniable that games are here to stay. Designers are coming up with captivating games every day. Children have abandoned playing soccer or hide and seek and instead opted to stay indoors to play the games. Parents and teachers are now debating as to whether the games have a positive or negative impact. This […]

Why Cross-Platform Gaming Will Change Mobile Games for Good

As mobile gaming expands at an unprecedented rate, it’s now evolving into cross-platform gaming territory. But what is cross-platform gaming? Join us and explore the rise of cross-platform gaming and why taking the competition out of the device and placing it into the gamer’s hands is so important.

Top 10 Video Games to Play With Your Friends

These are the types of games that are shorter but usually more action-packed and fun – perfect for a party. So, if you’re on the lookout for some video games to play with your friends, then consider some of these options.