How cars changed the world

Who in the world doesn’t love cars? The grace of the steel body and the glare of the smooth polish are almost inevitable to ignore. No matter who you are a small boy or an aged man, once in a lifetime everyone dreams of buying a luxurious car which not only compliments their social appearance […]

6 Ways To Become Healthier and Happier

It can be argued that people, today more than ever, are more stressed, unhappy, and physically unfit. In 2017 CBS News stated that 8.3 million American adults are depressed and anxious. There is no doubt that physical fitness and mental health are linked. Happiness is not a far-away dream, and can easily be reached. Here […]

Vaping to Quit Smoking? Keep It Simple to Succeed

While some observers have watched the trend with growing alarm, declaring vaping a problem, others have concluded that vaping might be the most viable way to end the longstanding public health crisis connected to traditional tobacco products.