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The Technology of Online Marketing

digital marketing

Another border that has come crashing down concerns technology. New tech tools have not so much supplanted older technologies when it comes to online marketing as to augment them, giving them more depth and reach. AR (augmented reality) gives potential clients the kind of one-on-one 3-D product viewing that used […]

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Mumbai-based Search Marketing Agency, INFIDIGIT is Revolutionizing How Businesses are Discovered Online

INFIDIGIT is focused on making its clients aware of how search marketing could be a game-changer for them by boosting sales numbers and ROI (return on investment). Start-up: INFIDIGIT Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Founder: Kaushal Thakkar Year of founding: 2017 Sector: Online/digital marketing In today’s profusely digital age, almost every one […]

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