Avoiding Online Casino Scams

Gambling per se is about taking risks, you take a risk in the hope of winning, you win or you lose. A lot of people try to ignore the fact that gambling has nothing to do with luck and is all about numbers. This often leads to bad choices in where and how some people […]

How the Blockchain is Set to Transform the Online Gambling Industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, are set to have an effect on virtually every industry. One of the sectors that seem to be the most promising is the online gambling industry. Let’s take look at how the blockchain is set to transform the industry and what it means for casino operators and players. We’ll […]

The first US gambling app is about to come out

The new app will be a pioneer as well. Nevertheless, it will not allow for a completely remote gambling experience, as users will have to buy the games on-site and cash out their winnings by visiting the physical branch of the casino as well.

Virtual vs Physical Casinos

Thanks to the creation of all gambling sites it is now possible for people to play the games they love at home online, without having to drive to a casino.
Virtual vs Physical Casinos

How virtual reality is transforming the casino industry?

Though Online Casinos were able to offer a wide range of features and a larger collection of games when compared to traditional Casinos, It’s practically not possible to offer the same game-play experience of a live Casino.