Looking Ahead To NVIDIA’s Must Attend GPU Technology Conference     

With the death of IDF, Intel’s Technology Conference, NVIDIA’s GTC counterpart is now the place to be to learn about most of the intelligent platforms coming to market.  From Autonomous cars to Robotics, cancer research to AI generated art, this will be where many of us will see the near term future of tech.  

The Revolutionary NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070:

With the RTX line, NVIDIA made a huge technology change. And with that came the promise of stronger AIs, far more photo realistic visual game elements(including avatars), and the potential to push resolutions to even higher levels. But with any massive change the ecosystem must evolve so that users get the full benefit.  Reviews of their new 2070 card showcase this in spades.  

NVIDIA Disrupts Movie/TV Industry

NVIDIA Announces RTX Video Cards At SIGGRAPH in disruptive move to massively change video rendering using Real-Time Ray Tracing.  

Intel vs. NVIDIA On Autonomous Driving 

NVIDIA is thrashing Intel in the Autonomous Car market.  The reason why is largely based on entering the market early and focusing where their strengths are in sharp contrast to Intel.