Level Up: Best Phones For Playing Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry has moved in leaps and bounds over the last two decades. Currently valued at over $70.3 billion and expected to hit $180 billion by 2021, both the number of gamers and time spent on games keeps increasing each year. The total number of players is expected to reach 2.4 billion this […]

Why Cross-Platform Gaming Will Change Mobile Games for Good

As mobile gaming expands at an unprecedented rate, it’s now evolving into cross-platform gaming territory. But what is cross-platform gaming? Join us and explore the rise of cross-platform gaming and why taking the competition out of the device and placing it into the gamer’s hands is so important.

Alax Platform All Set To Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level

As mobile devices have become more functional and powerful, the app marketplace for mobile devices has also evolved quite a lot. There are now millions of applications out there spanning across different categories and mobile game is a major category of all.