How To Scale Your Mobile App

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Designing and rolling out a successful mobile app is more rewarding in this day and age than ever before; businesses which have stellar mobile apps to call upon can largely expect to outcompete their technologically-incompetent competitors, and professionals who can argue that they’ve scaled a mobile app successfully will be eagerly hired and paid handsome […]

Safe365 Launches Free Mobile App for Seniors and Relatives

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Safe365 is the first free mobile telecare app for elders that is designed for family members of seniors to have a sense of comfort while they are alone. Oftentimes seniors are unaccompanied and left helpless in certain situations that require assistance. Or sometimes if confused, they may wander off which could be a huge concern […]

Plant Nanny² Mobile App is Making Drinking (Water) Fun Again

The advances of technology have led to a faster pace of living where everything is expected with a sense of urgency. People can now instantly communicate with anyone in the world at any given time. The ability to learn anything has expanded through the creation of the internet. Now, people can even save time by […]