AppsFlyer vs Kochava: Choosing a Platform for Mobile App Measurement and Attribution


As an acquisition marketer for a mobile app, do you really know how people first learn about your product? Exactly what drives them to install the app? How do they interact with it after installing it? Are there certain media touchpoints or messaging iterations that people commonly see before becoming your highest-value users? To know […]

How to choose iPhone App Development Company?

These days the explosion of the smartphone has completely surprised various people. Moreover, all these handheld equipment are bringing more competition for the traditional forms of devices. These days most of the organizations have realized that developing the iPhone app for the upcoming customer is better and helps in offering great opportunity to boost the […]

Latest Mobile app development trends that matter

Mobile apps developed with AI, UX designs are predictable to become more powerful, appealing and interactive in years to come. It is also said by experts that mobile applications with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused & having ability to learn about user preferences will be a super hot trend to stand out from the crowd in years to come.

Trends in Mobile App Development

The truth is that as direct money-makers, apps are just too much of a saturated market. If you’re thinking of creating the next social media app, the next big mobile game, or some other function that’s already being fulfilled … You’re probably out of luck before you start.

Want to build a stunning dating app? Here’s how

With the increasing demand for dating apps and websites, the number of entrepreneurs who want to build an interactive dating app is also increasing. And if you are one of those who are determined to take a nice shot and build an excellent dating app and learn the kind of expenses that involved in the process, then read on.