What is the MacBook Retina Display and Should You Buy One

The very first MacBook was released in 2006. Since then, Apple has updated and refreshed its line, offering the standard MacBook as well as the lightweight and portable MacBook Air and the powerful MacBook Pro. Global sales of the Apple laptop brand reach approximately 15 million a year, or higher. In 2018, Apple sold around […]

7 Proven Ways for Making Your MacBook Last Longer Now

That’s why learning the tips and tricks for making your MacBook last longer will help prolong your need to sell your used MacBook and get another one. This way, when you do trade your old laptop in for cash, you can invest in the very best model available since you’ve had so much time to save up for a new laptop.

How to make your Mac run faster

if you follow all these steps and take advantage of the incredible program, you will significantly increase the efficiency of your computer and can enjoy the maximum of its resources

7 Essential Mac Apps for College Students

Laptops are also part of schooling as much as copy and pens, but they have their cons. Nowadays; Macs are becoming the popular choice for college students. Here are the seven essential Mac apps for college students.