Forget Smarter Devices: The IoT Needs a Smarter Ecosystem

IoT internet of things internet network

By 2022, our planet will be home to three times more connected devices than people. Are we ready? Not even remotely. The issue is far greater than a hacked jeep here and a breached baby monitor there. It’s not even that nearly a quarter of rural Americans and around a third of those living on […]

How to balance security and efficiency in blockchain distributed asset financing?

How to balance security and efficiency in blockchain distributed asset financing?

Reporters of China Business Journal Jiang Muyun, He Shasha, reported from Shanghai. In the Digital 2.0 era, the combination of “Internet of Things + Block Chain” has begun to attract people’s attention. In addition to the common product traceability function, this technology combination has also been applied to the financing and circulation of distributed assets. […]

The Basics of Industrial Internet of the Things Platform

The industry revolution 4.0 was highly anticipating for a long time. Today, with the help of Industrial IoT is restructuring the processes of production The IoT opens new possibilities for manufacturing automation and gives the possibility to equip products and productive capacity by computing techniques and connect them via commonly used networks. Therefore, the particular […]

IoT vs Healthcare

Much time has passed since the IoT had promised to invent tools that will make healthcare better and cheaper. But for some reason, these promises are still not realized.

5G as an innovative catalyst in IoT

5G is a sophisticated, advanced technology for the telecommunications industry, which will become an indisputable catalyst for the Internet of things of a new generation.

What Is Demand-Driven Manufacturing?

Only in our new era of increasing interconnectivity is true demand-driven manufacturing possible because it depends so closely on real-time communication and workflow syncing.

How Streamr Intends to Meld Blockchain and IoT into One

As the technology relates to the internet of things, blockchain could very well enable the ecosystem to free itself from centralized control and become a much more secure and autonomous system.See how Streamr is doing it.