How Technology is Making Investing Easier

Technology is changing the way we invest our money. Over the last several decades, apps and trading platforms have made investing more accessible and has put downward pressure on fees. Here’s how technology is making investing easier: Buying and Selling Securities At one time, investors would have to call their stockbrokers if they wanted to […]

Factors that Affect CRISIL Rating

CRISIL is one of the most trusted rating agencies that rates financial institutions and companies on a variety of criteria. This agency rates hybrid instruments and short-term investment options including debt instruments. CRISIL has a separate rating scale and criteria for fixed deposits based on a detailed mapping framework. It evaluates whether an issuer can […]

COVESTING: How Does It Work?

Covesting provides a copy trading platform for investors and managers to follow reputable and expert traders, and gain substantial income from replicating their strategies.