How the Sharing Economy is Shaking Up The Insurance Industry

Man pointing at insurance sign

There has been much talk in the past few years about the new gig and sharing economy, and how it will change our society as a whole. The rise of companies like Uber and Airbnb has given consumers more options, but has also invited criticism of how these companies are avoiding shouldering their expected burdens. […]

Claims Software and the Future of PPI Claims Companies

Claims management software has been instrumental in helping consumers make compensation claims in the UK after the PPI mis-selling scandal. During the 1990s, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was commonly mis-sold to millions of consumers. The banks sold the insurance alongside credit cards, loans and mortgages. Although the insurance was a good product, the banks realized […]

How can Motor Fleet Insurance help your small business?

As a small business where all hands are on deck and time is limited the benefits of a motor fleet insurance policy may not just be limited to the cost savings you can make. It is often assumed that a business needs a large selection of vehicles to truly benefit from a motor fleet insurance […]

Top Reasons Why Insurance is Important in Everyday Life

No doubt that insurance benefits and packed with a huge importance for individuals, organizations as well as for society in a multiple number of ways. This general insurance is a kind of contract which is mainly used to indemnify individuals and too organizations so that they can cover their losses. It effectively manages cash flow […]

5 Things You Need to Become a Self Employed Tradesman In the UK

While one option is to work under a company as an employee to earn on a monthly basis, there’s another option that’s more benefitting. We speak of becoming a self employed tradesmen in the UK.Here are 5 things you need to become a self employed tradesman in the UK

Do All Types of Life Insurance Require an Exam?

Lots of people may not have time to do this type of exam, or maybe they just don’t want an insurance company looking at their pertinent information. If you are one of these types of people, then you are in luck. Not all companies require this type of underwriting.

Policy Protection – The 6 Main Reasons People Use Insurance Brokers

While we all hope that we’re not going to need our insurance, the fact remains that if the time ever does come to draw on it, we are very glad when we have it. While you can hop online and buy insurance from a number of places you’re always going to be better off better off using insurance brokers to find the right product.

5 Best Term Life Insurance Plans for Women

Money is, fortunately, gender neutral and it is never too late to start investments and savings to secure one’s future. Financial planning is very crucial, especially for self-empowered women to secure against financial uncertainties.Here are
5 Best Term Life Insurance Plans for Women.

8 Types Of Insurance Your Small Business Must Have To Protect Itself

For a new small business owner, insurance might seem like just another cost that your business needs to cover. It can be tempting to skip insurance, or decide that you’ll buy it down the road, when your business is more stable. These 8 types of insurance should be investigated by all small business owners.