Provocative Thoughts From The IBM Partner Analyst Summit


This week IBM had an Analyst Summit focused on their Partnership Efforts.  Ironically, when I worked at IBM, one of my projects (I missed a lot of meetings) was to try to fix what, at the time, was a truly broken effort and, while I’d like to say I was successful, the IBM executives didn’t […]

IBM Takes Major Step To Enhance Global Defense Against Patent Trolls


IBM is one of the most prolific patents generating companies in the world.  They received a record number of patents, 9,262, in 2019 the most patents ever awarded a US company and have led in the patent race in the US for 27 consecutive years.  To say they are a Patent Powerhouse would be an […]

IBM And Applying AI For Social Good

artificial intelligence brain think control

Artificial intelligence, particularly as we begin to make our pivot from targeted solutions to general-purpose offerings, is a massive force multiplier.   It can look at massive amounts of data, it isn’t naturally biased (though care has to be taken not to introduce bias), and when applied properly it can significantly increase revenues and profits […]

IBM Sets Watson Free! 

IBM’s moves to free Watson and their focus on Open is resulting in a level of success that few anticipated.