Grant Imahara Has a Web Series to Talk About the Future of the Robots

Many people have seen many movies with robots that come to Earth with the mission to take our jobs, or even worse – kill us. Some movies even represented them having sex with humans, but let’s be real – real-life robots are not to be feared at all. They’re actually kind of cute.

Should robots have human rights?

The European Commission has been deliberating over a controversial move to give artificial intelligence and robots their own ‘human rights.’ This debate comes after the Commission has called for a 20-billion-euro investment into artificial intelligence.

Why Big Scary Robots Won’t Steal Your Jobs

It’s easy to see why if you think carefully about it. Don’t listen to everyone getting their kicks trying to scare you. Do you want to look at a few reasons why your nightmare won’t come true? Here are some of the biggest talking points.

Harrisburg, PA Wants Robots to Mow Their Lawn

Does the prospect of losing the precious time you have sitting around in your underwear watching hilarious cat videos on a Sunday morning instead of painfully cutting your own lawn seem awesome? Don’t have a porch or a backyard because you’re a millennial living in an apartment? You can always bring the beauty of an outdoor garden indoors. Read this post by Lawnstarter Philadelphia.

9 most human-like robots in the world

Here is a selection of the most beautiful, but also, disturbing and human-like robots around! Feel free to tell us about the most realistic, strange, disturbing robots you know.