Digital Health: OncoPower May Revolutionize Cancer Treatment Outcomes

The digital health space is growing rapidly, and new tools are emerging for the treatment of cancer in phase II placements. Witty Health is a physician-owned company that has created lines of production for digital cancer therapies, with its SmartCDK and SmartI-O offerings already in development. 

The Most Commonly Overlooked Eye Problems In Children

When it comes to children, figuring out eye problems can be problematic, especially when they are very young. Because children often can’t vocalize or even comprehend what they literally can’t see, they have no basis for comparison to know if there is a problem, leaving a parent with few signs unless the problem is significant enough to send up red flags.

How to Choose a Good Medical Alert System?

All the medical alert systems do the same thing. You have to press a button, the signal goes to the agent, and they help you out. So, how would you pick one system over the other? There are differences in all these systems.

6 Additional Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Highly trained chiropractors these days turn to the most advanced technologies to provide fast, efficient and gentle treatment for their patients. Here are some list of benefits you can get from chiropractic:

Optimizing Health with Herbal Supplements

Many of us are already considering our resolutions for the new year ahead, and a personalized herbal supplement regimen could be just the thing to help you achieve those health and fitness goals. There are safe, legal, natural supplements available for almost any obstacle along your path to optimal health.

Staying Positive in the Face of a Loved One’s Descent into Dementia

The problem we face as family members of someone whose mind has begun to deteriorate is that we often get the feeling that they are doing or saying odd things on purpose.  This leads to anger, frustration, and very hard feelings.  In this short piece we’ll discuss the symptoms of dementia.  It’s not as simple as you might think.

5 Ways Your Life Changes After You Are Diagnosed With ADHD

Most of the time ADHD is diagnosed in childhood, but there are also cases when it escapes from the doctor’s attention. When you are eventually diagnosed, in your adult years and you start to treat your condition, you realize just how much your life changes.

6 Tips To Prepare For Surgery

Finding out from your doctor that you need to have surgery can be stressful and the very thought of going into the operating room is a daunting prospect at best however with these with these top tips you’ll be well prepared:

Understanding Leg Ulcers and Paths to Treatment

Painful and debilitating leg ulcers are a commonly misunderstood issue among adults. Learning about how and why leg ulcers develop and viable treatment options for the condition is beneficial in getting people back to health quickly.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Kava

You might have heard of something called Kava that’s apparently an amazing stress relieving agent. In fact, this new and trendy substance is anything but new.