How Global Business Data Can Influence Your Global Business Strategy

When it comes to global business operations, understanding global markets is extremely important to your success. Getting your eyes on global business data can really influence how you choose to create, implement, and adjust your strategies as needed. Luckily big data has come to rescue for global businesses in the form of global business intelligence. […]

Crossing the Borders: Tips and Considerations for a Facile Overseas Business Expansion

International markets become increasingly attractive for businesses of all sizes. For those business owners who think about expanding their operations abroad, this may be a frightening thought and a rather complex and difficult process. But in this age and time, it becomes increasingly easier to tackle this process and all its implications. Today, it is […]

Move over Facebook: Social media platforms that will help your business go global

You might think you’ve mastered all the social media platforms you need to as a business, but all that changes if you plan to go global. Facebook may boast billions of users worldwide, but the social media landscape is different in every country, sometimes in crucial ways.To help you take that worldwide step, here are three social networks every business should be using if it aspires to dominate the global market.