Why do Job Boards Charge so Much in Fees?

The unemployment rate is at a historic low. While that’s great news for workers and the economy, it’s made things tougher for companies looking to find new talent. CNN reports that the tight labor market has become a goldmine for digital recruiting companies, whose revenues have grown an average of 14.6% annually for the past […]

Don’t Make These Freelance Management Mistakes

Despite all of the risk and difficulty, many find freelancing to be worth because of the freedom and flexibility it allows. It lets them do something that they enjoy or something they are simply good at.

Where to find Freelancers for your Online Business

One of the perks of hiring freelancers is that you can get the same skill set, a dedicated staff, without having to put funds aside for office space, medical bills or bonuses, unless you would like to. 

6 Money Management Tips for Online Businesses

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work when you want and with whoever you want. But it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is managing money. Most likely, you’re a one-person operation. You don’t have the budget for an accounting department, but you also don’t have to worry about payroll taxes.