Best destinations for fitness fanatics

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Lazing by the pool with a pina colada day in day out isn’t everyone’s idea of a great holiday. If exercise is high up on your priority list even when you’re taking a break, check out these great destinations for fitness fanatics. We’ve pulled out some of the world’s best locations where you can enjoy […]

15 Fitness Habits You Should Start In Your 20s

When you are in your 20’s you tend to live in the moment without a care for what tomorrow will bring. However, maintaining good physical health requires you to plan ahead and establish a routine so you will be healthier now and in your later years.

7 Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun in 2017

In life, there is no easy button, and what you have to do is ensure that you exercise on a regular basis, even though working out is an option that is not appealing to most people.

Aspiring to be a Fitness Model? Get These Things Sorted

Fitness modelling is a challenging profession that requires a lot of work. If you’re aspiring to be a fitness model, you should be committed to all of the exercise, sweating and diet maintenance required. Having a beautiful body isn’t enough to build a successful career.