Digital marketplaces: a power not to be trifled with 

Thanks to the convenience of their one-stop-shop model, digital marketplaces have become a rising force in global e-commerce. But what makes them different from traditional online retailers? And more importantly, how did they achieve such popularity? The answer (and the main difference) lies in sellers. In the case of the latter there is just one […]

Ecommerce Expected to Account for 17% of Retail by 2018

Thinking of starting an ecommerce business? With online retail spending on the rise, there’s never been a better time to start taking action and turn your ecommerce ambitions into a real business. A new report from Forrester projects that ecommerce will continue to grow at a fast pace, with analysis projecting that online stores could […]

The WordTree Tool

Let us learn more about the basics of what and how will this keyword tool help an Amazon seller.

Conveying Your Unique Selling Proposition in Ecommerce

Though still an emerging industry, ecommerce is already highly competitive. To be successful, you’ll have to market your business in a way that sets it apart from all the other sites offering products like yours. In other words, you’ll have to become adept at conveying your unique selling position in ecommerce.

5 Reasons to Start an ECommerce Store

Although setting up an eCommerce can be a little bit frightening since risks are always involved, getting your business online will definitely bring in a few perks.Let’s understand what those are and how to use it to bring home the bacon.