How to Make a Digital Transformation Successful

In business, it’s important to move with the times and respond to market and industry changes. In recent years, these changes have been caused by technology advancing at an exponential rate, which subsequently causes huge changes in the business world. It’s been proven time and again that those leading in tech often reap the benefits, […]

How digital transformation is transforming and innovating the financial industry

Digital transformation is a popular concept that companies, whether traditional or modern, are exploring to see if they can gain a sustainable competitive advantage. A company has achieved digital transformation when it uses emerging and sometimes disruptive technologies to significantly improve existing processes and business activities. In the financial world, the digital transformation seems to […]

6 Technologies That Ushered the Digital Transformation Era

More technological progress has been made in terms of inventions and innovations in the past five years than in the fifty years before that. The pace at which is technology is advancing is giddying and is extremely hard to keep track of. In fact, the advancement of technology has been rampant that a term itself […]