Interview with Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Self-made Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Spending hours on Google and reading success stories of people who found success in their online ventures may seem helpful. The problem, however, is that these stories often fail to teach you the exact steps to take if you want to experience the same level of success. And if you dig deeper in the search […]

Alisha Taneja- a highly successful social media content creator

Social media has taken the world of digital marketing by storm, and social media influencers are largely responsible for this. Gone are the days when endorsements were the domain of celebrities alone. These up and coming social media influencers have humble beginnings, but make their mark with original and relatable content catapulting them to internet […]

Voice Search Will Dominate SEO in 2019: Here’s How You Can Benefit From It

While voice-activated technologies were once a novelty, there are now a variety of them on the market that use the power of speech recognition for diverse reasons. Instead of typing, consumers use voice input to quickly and easily perform a number of tasks. Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are just some of these voice-activated speakers. […]

Real Estate Marketing

You have heard that technology is a force for revolution. It has been touted as a way of changing the way that we operate. Evidence on the ground suggests that we indeed depend on technology for a large chunk of our daily activities including shopping for groceries and other necessities, keeping in touch with others […]

The seven buzz-terms that your digital marketing team should not rely on in 2019

There is no doubt that marketing is necessary to sell products. Even the best possible products with the most pocket-friendly prices require promotions and advertising to become familiar to the target audience. The leading digital marketing technology relies on automation, big data, predictive analysis, personalization, and AI to produce groundbreaking results. It is a lot […]

Your content strategy needs social media to thrive

“Content is fire and Social Media is gasoline” Words are mighty indeed but unless you give them a platform for distribution, they’ll never reach people. Yes, blogging and longform content are still relevant in 2018, probably even more than ever but you need to know that organic growth is laborious. Brands, people have been blogging, […]

How Tech Has Created Industries Out of Office Functions

Technology has really shifted the way businesses today operate. It has delivered many benefits into the workplace, helping employers to cut costs, limit travel and even making it easier to expand. Perhaps one of the main benefits which tech has delivered in terms of business, is the industries it’s created out of office functions. So, […]