4 Ways DevOps Teams Use Process Diagrams

If you have been keeping tabs on the IT and development communities in the past years, you will know that DevOps is having a well-deserved moment. In fact, Forrester even declared that 2018 is the “Year of Enterprise DevOps.” According to the data, more than 50% of organizations have implemented […]

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2 Ways Automation Can Streamline DevOps Processes

On paper, a DevOps department offers no shortage of advantages. Of course, as anyone who has overseen the transition to DevOps can tell you, the process – and even resulting department – can sometimes create brand-new problems. One of the most common is simply that DevOps becomes needlessly complicated. This […]

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5 DevOps Trends to Watch in 2018

What is DevOps? Well, “Ops” is a blanket term for systems engineers, system administrators, operations staff, release engineers, DBAs, network engineers, security professionals, and various other job titles. “Dev” is used for developers mostly, and means “all the people involved in developing the product.” The Automation of DevOps DevOps is […]

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