Enterprise 360: Creating a single source of truth for the enterprise

Data-driven decision making has changed the way businesses operate. Today‚Äôs enterprises have access to large volumes of data, which, if mined effectively, can give useful insights. However, as businesses grow, existing enterprise data warehouses face the challenge of storing and processing the increasing volume of data. Legacy platforms lack flexibility and scalability, and due to […]

Top Reasons to save Your Company Data on the cloud

There are many reasons why we backup data. On top of those reasons is safeguarding the information for use in the future. Old and unused company data can prove to be a vital piece of information, later on, therefore when saving you crucial information, it is critical to ensure that the location is safe and […]

Why your business needs to store documents in a virtual data room

A thriving business needs to be proactive, and when it comes to documents, they need to be organized. Keeping business documents in cloud storage isn’t enough. After all, you wouldn’t want your data to fall into the wrong hands! Therefore, you need to make use of a virtual data room, especially if your business is […]