How Your Business Can Minimize the Threats of a Chaotic Internet

Threats of a Chaotic Internet

According to the most recent Rightscale State of the Cloud survey, a staggering 91% of companies now use a public cloud implementation. Although this is a positive technological development, one can’t ignore the fact that for these companies, the traditional security perimeter no longer exists. They’re placing critical data and workloads on platforms that they […]

Is Your Data Becoming Less Secure in the Modern Age of Computing?

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, but with an attack occurring every 39 seconds, it is understandable that mistakes happen. Even with security systems being constantly updated, the modern internet user is at risk. Information is shared between devices, from laptops, to smartphones and wearables. This means that there are increasing entry […]

5 Ways to Secure Data on Your Computer

In today’s digital age, it’s more
important than ever to take the proper steps to protecting your data and
securing it against theft. Read the following article and see the
top ways we have that you can secure your data from criminals or just
technology break downs.