3 Tips to Make Your Customer Service Emails More Effective

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Customer service emails play a vital role in how customers see and relate with your business. It is still an efficient way of reaching out to existing customers and making sure they stay customers. And since in a lot of cases, communication is not face-to-face, you have very little control over how your client reacts. […]

The Future of Call Center Is a Visual Interface

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It’s true that some people link customer service to long waits, robotic voices, and unsolved problems. However, these people will benefit from the fact that call centers are leaving behind those inefficient methods and improving customer experience with advanced call centers solutions. Not everyone has fully embraced modern technology, and many still vote for the […]

Sunil Jagani Explains How to Build a Five Star Customer Experience through AI

Many companies need to update their customer experience to meet new challenges. Customer experience is a vastly important and often underrated aspect of running a business in today’s competitive environment. When companies need to make changes that will keep their businesses current and ensure the best possible customer experience, they turn to artificial intelligence and […]

The new meaning of customer service

Customer service takes on a whole new meaning because consumers are no longer passive recipients but play an active role in communications and, increasingly, in the process of creating products.