Alexis Assadi: How Cryptocurrencies Can Attract More Investors

I have yet to invest in a cryptocurrency. The closest I’ve gotten is issuing loans to entrepreneurs for them to purchase Bitcoin mining hardware. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to get involved in a cryptocurrency venture. While I don’t think they represent the future of money, I believe that their underpinning technologies can be […]

4 Tips If You’re Looking To Get Into Crypto

Crypto has been booming, but that hasn’t been without its downfalls. While we’ve all probably heard of someone banking big on Bitcoin or whatnot, stories like that are few and far between. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider putting some stake into what could be the future of the internet. And if this has intrigued you, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

Buying Directly from your Bitcoin Wallet

Buying Bitcoin is as natural as any purchase can be. However, with various predictions showing that Bitcoin rates are likely to surge upwards to over $10,000 by Dec 2018, there are still problems with buying.

Ledger bitcoin wallets review

a typical cryptocurrency investor has more than just Bitcoin, and needs an all-in-one solution for storing their digital assets. This is where hardware wallets like Ledger come into play.

Looking to invest in a Cryptocurrency? Top Altcoins To Invest in 2018

For those who are looking to enter into the investment market of virtual currencies Bitcoin, which is priced too high as of now, might not be a viable entry point. Instead, there are many Altcoins out there, which are much cheaper than Bitcoin, are advanced in technology and come with a great potential for generating good gains on investment.

Crypto Currencies: Buy or Trade?

So if cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are of interest to you, then should you be looking to buy or trade them? Let’s weigh up and assess the options.