Top 4 CRMs Going Into 2019

It all started with traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where back-end analytics were the only factor; on which discussions were held. Gradually, online self-service came into play and as the time passed, with the launch of smartphones, integration of mobile applications with CRM became a hot topic and the traditional CRM transformed and revolutionized into […]

What is a CRM Application and Why Should it be the Backbone of All Businesses

Even the smallest businesses are handling customer data in huge amounts. You may not even realise you’re doing it. That telephone call counts. That email. That click through to certain pages on your website. That’s before looking at the data being harnessed by each and every sales lead and prospect which is actively acted upon. This data is valuable – it tells you about your customer.

Strategic Advantages of Free CRM

Is there a business that wouldn’t benefit from CRM? Unless the business doesn’t rely on customers, then it needs CRM; customer relationship management.