What’s Better: No Credit Or Bad Credit?

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In a perfect situation, everyone would have great credit. You would have the right mix of accounts, the perfect amount of debt maintained, and all of your payments made on time. But not everyone has great credit. Some people have bad credit, and some people have no credit at all. These things can happen due […]

Colliding Cards: Consolidating Credit Card Debt

If you feel like you are pounding down with various credit card balances, consolidating debt is a way that leads you to breathe free from your financial misery. Consolidating your credit card debt can result in large savings. Instead of paying high-interest rates and multiple payments every month, you can get a lower rate and […]

Know the Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

According to the recent update by Reserve Bank of India, there are approximately 30 million active credit cards in India. Demonetisation may have added on to these already rising numbers. Moreover, various companies are now introducing a range of credit card offers to benefit the users further. Not just offers but advantages of credit cards […]

3 Critical Facts You Should Know About Credit Cards

Whether you are a business or an individual, credit cards are one of the most efficient ways to purchase goods and services. Credit cards can be used at a point-of-sale in lieu of cash or check. Understanding credit cards, and choosing the right card for you or your business, is crucial in using this type […]

Want to opt-in for a travel rewards credit card – Pointers to help you get started

Today, the world of travelling has been expanding with several opportunities. From discounted flight deals to travel cards, there have been many compelling developments and offers. One of the most popular and successful one being the travel rewards credit card. So, if you have been waiting to travel to all your best destinations this year, […]

5 Reasons Why Your Credit Card Won’t Swipe

You go shopping, purchase a lot of clothes and items and then stylishly pull out your credit card to pay for it. The attendant takes your credit card and swipes, and then with the same style, he hands the credit card back saying it isn’t working. Well, what do you think happened? Why did the card not work?