Latest Auto Safety Features

Over the last decade, many safety features have been added to automobiles, from standard features on commuter cars to top-of-the-line luxury brands. Jeffrey Nadrich, a car accident lawyer in Fresno, California, discusses some of the auto safety features that automakers have integrated into vehicle design. These features have saved many lives and prevented many accidents. […]

Car Safety tips

Whether you use your car for the school and shopping runs, or you’re regularly driving up and down motorways as part of your work, having a car that’s safe and secure can potentially save you thousands.

How different tyres impact driving performance

If you are having a car, and you want to change the tyres of your car, it is always advisable that you check the details of your tyres, before installing a new one. The tyres interest your driving experience, and also the performance of the car. The better the tyres, better will be the driving experience.

7 Tips to Drive Safely in Snow

One of the absolute worst times to drive around is when the snow is coming down and driving conditions are worsening. However, if you have no choice at all or find yourself stuck out on the highway in a snowstorm, it’s best that you’re properly prepared on how to drive safely in these conditions.