The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Growing


Cannabis is big business. Savvy entrepreneurs are cashing in on this fast-growing industry as more countries are legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Over half of US states have gone legal, including California. In 2018, Americans spent over $40bn on cannabis goodies be it a pure weed, vape pens, edibles or medicinal products. High demand requires […]

Payment Processing for Businesses That Sell CBD Oil

We live in a time where people are shying away from making payments for the goods and services they buy using cash. This has challenged most of the businesses with brick and mortar stores plus those that are based online to introduce electronic forms of payment. Well, introducing such payments might appear to be simple, […]

4 Cannabis Statistics That Will Open Your Eyes

What are your thoughts on the cannabis industry? Are you expecting things to change in the near future? Or do you have reason to believe that growth will slow in the months and years to come?