The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Growing


Cannabis is big business. Savvy entrepreneurs are cashing in on this fast-growing industry as more countries are legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Over half of US states have gone legal, including California. In 2018, Americans spent over $40bn on cannabis goodies be it a pure weed, vape pens, edibles or medicinal products. High demand requires […]

CBD Is Getting All the Limelight in the Cannabis Industry

Just a decade ago, there were hardly a handful of people who knew about CBD other than the hard-core cannabis community. But today it has become one of the hottest trends around the world. According to reports, the sales of CBD in 2018 reached a whopping $600 million, and the projected growth shows that it […]

Aviv Hadar – The Iron Man of the Cannabis Industry

Silhouette of cannabis plant at sunrise

For a tech genius who achieved many instances of successes early on in life, Aviv Hadar had no reason to suddenly shift gears and venture into unexplored territory. Yet, the 2012 developments that led to the legalization of cannabis in Colorado State, did just that. Suddenly, marijuana was not just something that Hadar was interested […]