How to get a business loan with bad credit

Businessmen selling the house pointing at signing of sale contract.

If you have bad credit history and are trying to run a business, or set up one, your financial history may be giving you cause for concern in terms of your ability to gain access to credit in the future. You may even be worried it will not even be possible to access a loan […]

6 Reasons Your Business Loan Was Rejected

Most business owners can’t keep their business running without additional funding. You might need to hire new people, purchase inventory, or expand your number of locations. All of these tasks will require capital. In the days after the 2008 Recession, it has become even harder for small business owners to raise funds. Inexperienced entrepreneurs make a lot of business loan application mistakes, so this article will break down some of the reasons why your loan application got rejected.

The Top 7 Benefits of a Business Loan

Taking up a loan for your business can be an intimidating process, especially for your first time in the process. Fear of the unknown often leads to preoccupation with perceived risks whilst disregarding, or at least failing to fully appreciate the tangible benefits.

What Does the Right Business Loan Look Like?

Are you interested in applying for a business loan, but unsure of what makes the most sense for your company right now? Are you hoping to learn more about your many options, all with the idea that this knowledge will allow you to make a more informed and confident decision? Has the time come to get on the ball?