15 Top Notch Business Ideas for Ladies with Low Investment in India

Laptop parts on a table

If you’re filled up with motivation to be an entrepreneur or to start your own business, investment can never be an obstacle for you. In today’s era, women think that they can’t begin their venture because they think getting funding is a big deal. No that’s entirely an illusion. In this context, the quote “You […]

How to Know When That Business Idea Is Good Enough to Pursue

Have you ever looked at a simple invention such as the corkscrew or the trunki and thought “I could have invented that”? The simple fact is that most people have potential business ideas every day. But how do you know when the business idea is good enough to pursue? Fortunately the answer to this question […]

5 Essential Goal Setting Principles

These 5 essential goal setting principles can help entrepreneurs get business ideas off the ground, or just accelerate personal development. Stay inspired!