The Importance That the Internet Can Play For Your Business Success

I work with a large number of small business owners seeking to get their new business off the ground, or trying to re-vamp the business to reach the success that they are looking for. Something which often surprises me with offline businesses are the fact that they believe the internet is not for them, simply […]

Is Tech Changing the Way Leaders Run Businesses?

We all know that businesses have changed a lot in the last few decades. From switching over to digital records to open office plans, trends have shown that technology and new attitudes about work have changed many aspects of the 9-5. Tech touches nearly every industry and it has even enabled small businesses to compete […]

Why your business needs to store documents in a virtual data room

A thriving business needs to be proactive, and when it comes to documents, they need to be organized. Keeping business documents in cloud storage isn’t enough. After all, you wouldn’t want your data to fall into the wrong hands! Therefore, you need to make use of a virtual data room, especially if your business is […]

4 important IT questions for Startups

When something’s working – it’s tempting to leave it alone and concentrate on other parts of the business that are shouting more loudly for your attention.