New Blockchain Tech for Casinos

In July 2018, a new company was founded to add extra entertainment for casino players. The inspiration behind the project of Alphaslot was the realization that land-based casinos have a hard challenge to attract players. Albert Yu, Chief Officer of Aphaslot, believes that the blockchain technology can bring new opportunities in the gaming industry, by […]

China Emerging as Leader of Blockchain 3.0 – The Matrix Revolution

The current momentum of blockchain development is facing several critical challenges. These include: (1) slow transaction speed; (2) programming barriers that limit accessibility to highly skilled coders; (3) lack of security; and (4) inflexibility. What may be surprising is that the solution to these technological challenges, may be coming from, of all places, China, which […]

DINNGO Hybrid Exchange: The Future of Safe and Fast Crypto Trading

It is now exactly 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto published a whitepaper that unveiled Bitcoin—the first Blockchain-powered peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Because of Blockchain, the world is transitioning from trusted to trustless economies, where reliable third parties are no longer required for the exchange of goods and services. Cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms are flourishing. The statistics speak […]

How Blockchain Helps People Trust Each Other More

The advent of the blockchain over the last ten years has caused both excitement and disruption in global markets, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies threatening traditional financial infrastructure. Though banks and governments alike have responded to the prospect of virtual currencies with a mixture of circumspection and tentative adoption, one aspect of this new phenomenon […]

Find the Best Bitcoin Brokers – Comparison Site: Review

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has been growing and now serves hundreds or even thousands of currencies using the blockchain technology. Like any other booming industry, service portals and trading platforms are popping up all over the place and it is not easy to distinguish the good ones from the […]

How the Blockchain is Set to Transform the Online Gambling Industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, are set to have an effect on virtually every industry. One of the sectors that seem to be the most promising is the online gambling industry. Let’s take look at how the blockchain is set to transform the industry and what it means for casino operators and players. We’ll […]

Marketplaces You Didn’t Know Existed… Until Blockchain Came Along!

When Bitcoin became all the rage last fall and broke into the mainstream, many people either stopped there or maybe bought some Ethereum or Litecoin. However, for those who are devout crypto enthusiasts and have studied the countless amount of blockchain projects in the space, it’s clear that this technology has ushered in a distinct […]

Why Zillios is built on BlockChain

Zillios is a highly exciting international property platform that is seeking to place control of the entire process back into the hands of the key users; the buyers and the sellers. A key part of this is the implementation of Block chain technology.

160 Teams Work To Create The Best Neo Application

160 teams have come together in friendly completion to try and make a creative and most impressive application on the NEO Blockchain. The winning team has to have created the most engaging game based on NEO, in the four months’ period, between May and August 2018, when the competition is to take place.

Tap Coin Introduces A New Way For Decentralized Social App

Currently, the number of users on TAP Coin has been increasing rapidly due to its popularity. It is based on bringing people together by sharing discounts, offers, and bonuses by getting out of the house and walking into TAP Coin venues. Thus, users can get to these venues, as well as socialize at relatively lower costs.