AR Apps for Product Maintenance: Development Tip & Requirements

Augmented Reality (AR) is steadily evolving into the consumer-ready technology. Though, it’s pretty ugly nowadays comparing to over-hyped promises we herd over the years. Fortunately, the demand is also pushing entrepreneurs forward. There are 3000+ startups engaged in Augmented Reality that have been listed on Angellist. It is expected that their user base will grow […]

How Enhancements in Technology Have Affected Gamers

As gaming technology continues to evolve rapidly, it is hard to keep track of every little change that is brought into the mix on a regular basis now, but there have been a few profound changes in gaming that shifted and changed things up quite significantly in the recent years. Next, we are going to […]

5 Latest Software Trends for Students

Imagine ten years from now you had a chance to travel back in time and talk to your younger self. Which emerging trends would you tell your younger self to exploit so as to succeed in all of your academic goals? Since we don’t have a time machine, let’s make an informed guess as to […]

Augmented Reality and its impact on the toy industry

According to reports, way back in the year 2007 alone, the volume of sales of toys across the globe was recorded at USD$78.1 billion, which grew by more than 7% till the time it attained USD$84.1 billion in 2012. This data was furnished by the Toy Industry Association (which is US based).

Is Apple working on its own HoloLens?

Rumor has it that Apple is partnering with the German lens Manufacturer, Zeiss, to make their own version of an augmented reality wearable, similar in concept to Microsoft’s HoloLens.