IBM & MIT: Looking Ahead to The Next Generation Of AI

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IBM provided an update on their joint $240M project and lab this week focused on making a better AI, and apparently, they share my view that AI is a stupid name.  What does “Artificial Intelligence” even mean? Either something is smart, or it is not, and if you were to call someone artificially intelligent, you’d […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Run Your Schedule

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The boom of personal assistant artificial intelligence will likely continue according to Microsoft. Company employees can tell an artificial assistant powered by artificial intelligence how many people need to sit down at a meeting and an assistant will return ideas and places where a meeting can take place. Microsoft also believes that artificial intelligence will […]

Benefits of Integrating RPA

RPA is more efficient, faster and there are no cases of fatigue. RPA enables time-saving on repetitive tasks, and individuals can concentrate on other productive avenues.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Accounting Industry?

Talking about the days when managers had to do bookkeeping manually would be sheer foolishness. Even hard coded software to help in transaction process in banks is a thing of the past and talking about this may make you seem a luddite. Software that can learn on their own is the new fad. Today, there […]

Tour de France going AI

After repeated doping scandals, The Tour de France is looking to win back fans with the help of AI