IBM & MIT: Looking Ahead to The Next Generation Of AI

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IBM provided an update on their joint $240M project and lab this week focused on making a better AI, and apparently, they share my view that AI is a stupid name.  What does “Artificial Intelligence” even mean? Either something is smart, or it is not, and if you were to call someone artificially intelligent, you’d […]

Catching up with Technology

Chasing Technology

It is not hard to notice the sometimes overwhelming, fast pace of technological advancement, which isn’t bad per se, but we are underestimating the impact these changes have on other aspects of our lives.

Conversational AI, a booming market

The global Conversational AI market’s value is expected to grow to over $15 billion by 2024, nearly four times more than the $4 billion it is estimated to be worth today. To put it simply, Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the sum of technologies needed to enable a simulated conversation with a computer. Simulated, because […]

IBM And Applying AI For Social Good

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Artificial intelligence, particularly as we begin to make our pivot from targeted solutions to general-purpose offerings, is a massive force multiplier.   It can look at massive amounts of data, it isn’t naturally biased (though care has to be taken not to introduce bias), and when applied properly it can significantly increase revenues and profits […]

Top 10 Technologies using Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has been trending in the IT industry for quite a long time now. There are mixed emotions regarding how AI is influencing, if not controlling, the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. Virtual personal assistants, movies recommendations, avoiding traffic, instant machine translation, self-driving vehicles, are some applications of AI that show how […]

Why Blockchain And AI Are The Perfect Match

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence across a number of important industries has given many otherwise brilliant analysts and investors plenty of tunnel vision. AI and intelligent machines are the entirety of our future, we’re led to believe, and no other nascent technology is worth nearly as much time, attention, or investment as clever robots. […]

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Manufacturing Industry Today and Beyond?

Artificial Intelligence is capable of enhancing human potential, and it also helps organizations to become more efficient and successful. AI and Machine Learning are now becoming mainstream technologies, and many industries including manufacturing are using it to scale their growth. As the competition is continuously increasing in the marketplace, local manufacturers need to match the […]

How is AI changing learning from home?

Artificial Intelligence won its rightful position as a society re-shaper. In a society where the school is rather a tradition and a set of well-established teaching methods, the emergence of AI and its deep integration into our daily lives is due to change this parading. We are faced with a shift in mentality and views […]

How Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize Brand Protection

What is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) An Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which aims at creating intelligent machines which can work and learn like human. Machines with artificial intelligence are designed to carry out activities such as: Learning. Problem-solving Speech recognition Planning Perception Ability to manipulate and to move an object Three […]

5 Latest Software Trends for Students

Imagine ten years from now you had a chance to travel back in time and talk to your younger self. Which emerging trends would you tell your younger self to exploit so as to succeed in all of your academic goals? Since we don’t have a time machine, let’s make an informed guess as to […]

How AI and Autonomy Will Usher in a New Age for Car Insurance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being applied in many systems today and with it, we have seen the rise of autonomous vehicles. Even with that, many questions arise – when an accident happens with an autonomous vehicle, who takes liability?