Taking Control of a Drug or Alcohol Habit

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What does addiction look like? For many of us, the answer is something out of a movie or a cautionary tale. Addiction, we figure, looks like people who are recognizably at “rock bottom.” Addicts live on the streets in filthy, tattered clothes. They have lost the people who once loved and cared for them. They […]

5 Ways to Identify an Addiction

It’s no secret that those addicted to drugs bear the stigma of weakness, and the term “addict” itself can be meant in a derogatory way. But the reality is that those suffering from addiction suffer from a chronic disease, one which manifests as the compulsive need to seek the euphoria offered by the addictive substance. […]

Overcoming Addiction

it’s important to assess whether or not you have a problem with addiction. Some warning signs may include: drinking when you’re alone, drinking before and/or after you go out to drink with friends, or needing a nightcap in order to go to bed.