Macworld 2009: Viximo unveils iPhone flirting application

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Macworld 2009: Viximo unveils iPhone flirting application

Boston (MA) – Social networking and entertainment application dominate the App Store catalogue. But despite several dozen exciting iPhone social networking applications, there’s still an certain void in terms of quality matchmaking applications. Enter Viximo…

One would be right to assume that the iPhone’s Internet capabilities and attractive user interface combined with raw horse power and sheer hype constitute the perfect platform for matchmaking on the go. Right? Well Viximo, creator of the turnkey virtual gifting platform for the web, bets there is untapped potential in flirting on your mobile. So, it has unleashed iPhone application that lets users “flirt with style,” just the way Apple intended.

Previously, flirting on your iPhone was limited to exchanging text messages and ringing someone and then hanging up. Sure, you can tap any of the social networking application on App Store to get in contact with that special?? someone you secretly like, but none of them are crafted for just flirting alone.

All of this is about to change as Massachusetts-based Viximo has announced a new iPhone application dubbed TrueFlirt at Macworld 2009. It adds an engaging social call-to-action through virtual gifting, flirting and digital communication.

One unique selling point of TrueFlirt is the ability to send fully-interactive virtual “flirts” that combine simple social messages with gorgeous animation.

It’s the latter and the incredible eye-candy that fully explains the “flirt with style” tagline, but the fun doesn’t stop here. Animated content and sound respond to tilting and multitouch gestures, providing the sense of flirting with immediacy.

For example, you can offer your beloved one a virtual Love Potion that bubbles and pours when he or she taps or shakes the handset. There’s a virtual fortune cookie that can be opened by shaking the iPhone to reveal a romance prediction. TrueFlirt also pushes the envelope with light sexual innuendo, such as a bachelor pad Flirt that has you tapping objects in the scene to uncover things like a hidden waterbed and disco ball.

“More than half of the 50-100 SMS text messages sent daily by the average 14-24 year old are flirtatious in nature. TrueFlirt was designed to make dating and getting a date less stressful and more playful and fun,” said Rob Frasca, CEO of Viximo. “The iPhone is the ideal device for adding a deeper layer to the social dialogue and taking the art of flirting up a notch.”

Privately-held Viximo also announced a content creation platform that enables interactive designers to create native iPhone content for the company’s iPhone applications, including TrueFlirt, and then monetize on it.

Basically, the ecosystem Viximo now offers is comprised of the virtual gifting platform for the web, and the iPhone and developer tools which let anyone create digital goodies for Viximo’s applications, all with minimal coding and wide range of multimedia features.

Content creation features include short animations, a rich audio and sound effects system, and support for iPhone multitouch input and 2D-3D sprites. Viximo also has distribution partnerships with online gaming sites Quibblo and WorldWinner, as well as popular Facebook applications “We’re Related,” “Always Athletes,” “Birthday Calendar” and “Family Tree” that extends reach of its gifting content significantly.

Viximo expects TrueFlirt to hit App Store within a few days. A Lite version of the application will enable you to receive Flirts and send FlirtBacks described as “clever, preloaded multiple choice Flirt responses.”

Full version will be a $5.99 value for the privilege of sending Flirts, and will come preloaded with eleven animated flirts. In addition to preloaded content, new Flirts and Flirt Collections will be automatically added as they are posted on the company’s server, with some featuring popular musicians, movie characters and pop culture icons.